Warriorism: Warrior Fitness

Warriorism isn't just an occasional activity or a passive philosophy. Warriorism is a hardcore lifestyle.

Warriorism is about fitness; not just some particular type of fitness, but rather a solid all-around fitness, including mental fitness, physical fitness, strength, endurance, and stamina. Warriors use motivation, determination, preparation, and dedication to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones as much as possible. A warrior stays focused and dedicated on being fit and prepared for all of life's obstacles, challenges, trials, and tribulations. Warriors don't just get by. Rather, through their own firm commitment, Warriors go above and beyond and achieve the greatest forms of personal success for themselves, their families, friends, and loved ones.

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Warriors are not only independent and self-reliant, but Warriors also take care of their dependents and others.

Warriors don't complain, whine, or slack off like children, because Warriors are NOT childish. Rather, Warriors are grown self-responsible adults. Warriors are happy to output all their hard work.

Warriors aren't just the literal adults and providers of their own respective households, but also Warriors are the figurative adults for the whole world. Warriors happily work hard at everything they do, from physical strength training to financially providing for their families.

Warriors don't sneer or look down upon those that aren't independent, because Warriors love being Warriors. Warriors do not resent non-Warriors for the same reasons parents do not resent their children.

Warriors are happy, but not arrogant or haughty. Warriors are emotionally strong, fit, and healthy. Thus, Warriors don't need the petty external validation gained through putting others down or behaving arrogantly. Warriors live as Warriors because Warriors want to, not because they want praise or recognition. People who act like Warriors for praise are pretending actors not true Warriors.

Warriorism isn't just for literal soldiers in army gear. Anyone can be a Warrior so long as they stay dedicated, committed, and focused on improving themselves and going all out to do their jobs as best as possible, thus becoming an asset for their families and communities.

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