Are You Tough?

by Scott Hughes | added May 22, 2007

Almost everyone wants to be tough, and most people think they are tough. Are you? Figure it out by asking yourself these questions:

Do you want to be tough or do you just want to be considered tough?

Do you change things for the better when you can or do you just complain?

Do you try to stop things from going wrong or do you just worry about what could go wrong?

Do you protect people who need your help or do you just cower at the thought?

Do you stand up to bullies even who are bigger than you, even when you're standing up for someone else? Or, do just bully people who are weaker than you, mentally and/or physically?

Are you tough enough to build and be constructive? Or, do you need to destroy things to make yourself feel powerful?

Do you fix problems you make or do you run away?

Do you help other people fix their problems? Or, do you run away again?

More simply, do you fix problems? Or, do you ignore them like a child?

Do you grit your teeth and put up with short-term displeasures to reach long-term goals? Or, do you give up on goals while indulging in short-term pleasures?

Do you have the self-discipline to control yourself? Or, do you succumb to self-destructively shortsighted desires such as procrastination, addiction, over-eating, and such?

Do you get out and work hard every day to make your life and other people's lives better? Or, are you a weakly lazy person who plops down and watches hours of TV each day and such?

Do you always work to make the world a better place no matter what? Or, would you let everything go to hell in a hand-basket if it meant you could work a little less?

Do you get your work done, and done well? Or, is the work too tough for you?

Do you exercise and eat healthy? Or, is that too tough for you?

Are you prepared to be tough? Metaphorically speaking, are you prepared to go to war for your community? Are you prepared to stand in the front lines? Are you going to be a good role model for children? Are you going to be someone of whom your friends, family, and community can be proud? Are you going to train your mind and body as much as possible, and use them to positively affect your community? Are you tough?

No really, are you tough?

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