Deal With Failure

by Scott Hughes

I see failure as the steps on the staircase to success.

Warriors do everything they can to succeed as much as possible. To that, you must learn to accept failure. You cannot perform your best if you waste time crying over what you have lost.

Unfortunately, life isn't fair. Sometimes you may give it your all and you still lose. You may work harder and smarter than someone else, and they may make more money than you. For example, you may work better than a co-worker of yours, but he may get a promotion and not you. You just have to deal with this and keep doing your best. Don't let unfair failure get you down and cause you to not do your best, because that will just make matters worse.

Of course, all failure isn't unfair. Sometimes you fail because you made a mistake. You still have to just deal with it. You cannot change the past, so don't waste time and resources beating yourself up over a mistake. Everybody makes mistakes. Even Warriors make mistakes. Warriors simply try their best to not make mistakes. When you do make a mistake and fail, just learn from it and keep trying your best.

When you fall off a bike, get back on.

Failure can hurt, but Warriors stay tough and deal with it. Don't get depressed and become a liability for others. Keep taking care of your responsibilities, and keep doing you best to take care of yourself, your family, and your community. Keep being a Warrior!

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