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Discuss my article: "3 Things To Not Do When Alone"

Use this forum to discuss topics about Warriorism and being a Warrior that don't fit in the other forums. Common topics include self-improvement, self-development, self-help, dedication, motivation, goal setting, and anything related to living like a Warrior and doing the best you can in life.

Discuss my article: "3 Things To Not Do When Alone"

Postby Scott » 10 Jan 2015, 20:47

Please use this topic to post your comments on my article: "3 Things To Not Do When Alone"

What do you think?

Agree? Any other things besides the 3?
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Re: Discuss my article: "3 Things To Not Do When Alone"

Postby eridge1 » 20 Feb 2015, 01:50

Since September 15 2014. I have started to live on my own. For 26 years I live with a male friend. We shared 4 homes during that time until his death.

I had to downsize my living accommodation. From a 3 bedroom home to a 1 bedroom apartment. For 26 years I put up with him having a radio going in his bedroom office, the television going in the lounge room and another radio going in the kitchen. He had to have noise before he met me he worked in the hotel game.

I went without alcohol, I did not go out an enjoy myself, I was in agony I did both my knees in when i was cleaning the house. I knew I was not going to be able to afford to live their any longer as the new landlord wanted to increase the rent by a $100 dollars.

Being unemployed and only receiving the Governments Newstart allowance of $630 a fortnight. Paying rent of $420 per fortnight. As i defaulted in my bond money. I am now only paying $380 per fortnight. I lived on a tight budget, cereal for breakfast and Tuna rice and pasta for lunch and dinner.

I could not even afford to go out and enjoy myself. Until 3 weeks ago now when I went to the movies and met friends whom I haven't seen since Neale was alive.

I do not have a television anymore and don't even intend in getting one for quite some time. I have not listened to a radio since then nor have I read a newspaper only buy the Catholic Weekly every Saturday night when I go to Church.

When i was cleaning out the house I did both knees in. I have escaped the operation but still have to wait another 8 weeks before my physio starts.

I do not play video games nor do I intend on starting.

What keeps me sane is doing research work on the internet I have learn't to live without that extra $40 which I now bank and will keep it their for 12 months when I will take a little break.

My life is starting to improve. I am 62 and will be 63 in March. I have two cats with me they have been a part of my life for the last 6 years. Neale had always referred them as out children. Yes he loved cats..

I must go now and prepare my dinner and it is not tuna rice. vegetables and patties. and a glass of wine.
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