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Role Models?

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Role Models?

Postby fatherof3 » 06 Mar 2007, 09:33

Do you have any role models? Who are they? Who did you have as role models when you were younger?
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Postby Jess » 29 Apr 2007, 21:47

My role models are my parents. They are awesome and I always look up to them. They work so hard and I love them so much.

My role model when I was younger was probably Xena Warrior Princess. Hahahahah. She kicked butt!
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Postby buktao » 29 Apr 2007, 23:33

well, for an everyday role model, i'd have to say my parents...to an extent lol.
but currently i'd have to say the guys from the movie 300! lol, though that's moreso idolizing them....i wanna have big muscles too! lol

when i was a kid...it'd have to be my older cousins, i always thought they were cool, still do too!
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Postby Jess » 29 Apr 2007, 23:48

i think in addition to xena & my parents, i believe teachers are a valuable role model, because a lot of the things we learned in school through these people, and sometimes they don't get enough credit for dealing with a bunch of brats.
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Postby Dylz » 19 May 2007, 20:58

Although everyone on this thread has said there parents are their role models, it doesn't change the fact that my father is my personal hero.
Usually I would not conform, but this is the truth.

My dad is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for five years now.
Although growing up with his crippling addiction was difficult, I know see the type of person he truly is. He is my greatest teacher. He is the type of person I want to become:
Hard Working, Caring, Loving, Strong, and Wise.

He is a true warrior.
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Postby damienhunter » 31 May 2007, 01:02

The many soldiers I have met who have learned not to complain, even when ordered to do the impossible.
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Postby Mdaughdrill » 12 Jul 2007, 20:17

When asking whom one's role model is, it is important for us to understand exactly what a role model is. Let us take a look at the term...

A role is any specific function or duty expected to be performed by a person holding a certain status.
-Examples: One role of a Teacher is to teach, one role of a Mother is nurturing, one role of a father is discipline (typically), one role of a football player is learning plays, one role of a police officer is self defense, etc. etc. etc.

A status is a category in which any person may fall into. A person usually holds many statuses within their lifespan. Statuses may also change.
-Examples: Teacher, Police Officer, Politician, African American, Student, Chess Player, Football Player, Coach, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Housewife, Supervisor, etc. etc. etc.

A model (when used here) is anything in which something else attempts to emulate.
-Examples: A model father, a model housewife, a model teacher, a model politician, a model weightlifter, a model chess player, a model politician, a model student, a model coach, etc. etc. etc.

So when asking, "Who is your role model?", you are asking us who we try to be like when it comes to a specific role. Well, when answering this, we must remember that there are hundreds of different roles a person can hold.

A few of my role models are the following:

- Being a Father = My grandfather
- Spirituality = Buddha
- Political Ideology = Barack Obama/Thomas Paine
- Self-Improvement = Benjamin Franklin and Steve Pavlina
- Martial Combat = Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi
- Physical Fitness = Arnold Swarchenegger and Bruce Lee
- Warriorism = My cousin, Jonathon Norris

That's all I am going to bore you with on this topic, lol. Sorry my post was so long. Have a good one, and pick good role models and emulate their strategies for success.[/i]
May the Warrior within guide you on your Way,

Michael Daughdrill
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Postby Rimwalker » 07 Aug 2007, 19:31

Overall my role model is Chuck Schuldiner, the vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Death, my favorite band. He influenced my playing style, the attitude I like to keep, and carefree way I wish to live my life.

He's a very mild and nice dude but at the same time rocks out and gets along with a lot of people. Some say that people just bring the best out of him because he's dead, but I think he was always a good guy from the start. He got to do what he loves (play music all he wants) and he met musicians from all over the world. He's open-minded about music (except rap, where I share his loath) and appreciates artists' efforts equally. I'd totally want to meet him if he were still alive.

RIP Chuck Schuldiner.

Edit: Oh yeah, forgot.

Father - God himself
Political - Jesus/Ghondi
Warriorism - Old Wrestling Coach
Spirituality - Jesus
Self-Improvement - Chuck Schuldiner
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Postby Scott » 08 Aug 2007, 19:03

I wrestled in school too. I wouldn't say any of my wrestling coaches were role models. They were good coaches. Any one of them may have been able to make a good role model, but I did not know them personally.
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Postby Kyle22 » 20 Nov 2007, 22:22

I'm not very religious but I think Jesus is one of my role models.
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Postby rotaryhawk » 26 Nov 2007, 05:10

Sean "The Muscleshark" Sherk for his unending tenacity in training and his total commitment to being the best possible dad.
Arnold Schwarzenegger for his reach for the stars attitude.
Noam Chomsky for being a stalwart believer in truth.
Stephen Colbert for being such a fast and adaptive thinker.
Socrates for being a gadfly.
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Postby Asiddragon » 28 Nov 2007, 13:12

At the moment Tony Jaa inspires me the most to do what I do. Hes classed as the new Bruce lee.
"The way of the Warrior is passion in action, a hurricane at bliss in reaction".
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Postby bilalamjad43 » 26 Jul 2011, 21:39

I am a Religious person, Prophet Muhammad is my role model of life. he is a nice person and make life style laws, judicial laws, economical laws and wars laws on border.

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Postby naciketas1 » 27 Jul 2011, 07:23

Role model is selected automatically by a person when he or she gets inspired by the behavior or the character of the role model. This is a natural process. Role models remain as role models all through life.
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Role Models

Postby Todd » 04 Sep 2011, 14:46

My role model is my mother. She is a wonderful lady. She made sure that I was loved. She always encouraged me in any adventure that I wanted to pursue. :D
Smile for 1 Minute. :)
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