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New Forum Layout

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New Forum Layout

Postby Mdaughdrill » 13 Jul 2007, 11:32

I think the forum may need to be expanded a bit, at least in the form of its Category/Thread/Post form. I believe that the categories may need to become a bit more specific, so people do not have to sift through all the posts on exercise, for example, just to find that one post on nutrition.

For example General Warrior Talk category is also becoming the dumping place for posts that really have no home elsewhere. Like the Thread titled, 'Acne', that thread does not belong in the General Warrior Talk category, but it really doesn't belong in the Physical Fitness category either.

But if we looked at it like this, "Being a Warrior is about improving yourself in all aspect of life." Then we can then go on to categorize the different aspects in which one may improve themself. Let us take a look at the Physical aspect of improvement, which would more appropriately be called, Improvement of Body. Improvement of Physiology could be the overall category which holds all of the other categories related to the Improvement of Body.

Improvement of Body could hold within it several sub-categories, to where it would kinda work like this...

Improvement of Body - category
--Improvement of Strength
--Improvement of Endurance
--Improvement of Stamina
--Improvement of Flexability
--Improvement of Hygiene

See what I am saying? Then we could have other categories like Improvement of Mind, Improvement of Finance, Improvement of Spirit (maybe), Improvement of skill, etc. etc. etc. Each with their own sub-categories list. With a system like this, each and every post would have its own little home and people could find exactly what they are looking for quickly and effortlessly.

I don't really think right now would be a great time to implement this, due to the fact that there would be so many sub-categories completely empty of content.

What do you all think?
May the Warrior within guide you on your Way,

Michael Daughdrill
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Location: Jasper, AL, United States

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Postby Scott » 24 Jul 2011, 22:25

I think this is a great idea. But there is not enough traffic yet to warrant so many new subforums. Down the line, as we get more members and more frequent posting, I think a more structured sub-categorization system as you suggest would be good.
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New forum Layout

Postby eridge1 » 15 Aug 2011, 06:22

great ideas from Mdaughdril from Jasper
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