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In this section of the website you will find original produced articles filled with advice and information about physical fitness. You may want to start by checking out our feature article by Scott Hughes: What is physical fitness and what does it have to do with Warriorism? Otherwise or after reading that, you can use the articles on this page to get tips, information and help about working out and getting in better shape. We will frequently add new, original, exclusive articles to this page to help you out, so come back often.

Recent Physical Fitness Articles

Tips for Building Muscle Mass and Losing Fat by The Fitness Doc - Posted Aug 22, 2011 - "In reality, both goals can be pursued simultaneously, but there will be some hiccups along the way."

How to Train for a Marathon by The Fitness Doc - Posted Aug 18, 2011 - "In the enthusiasm of competition, people tend to overlook the dedication, discipline and commitment, marathon running demands."

Tips to Get 6 Pack Abs by The Fitness Doc - Posted Aug 10, 2011 - "One of the top fitness questions I get is about how to get a 6-pack. Here are a few things you can do to help you get those washboard abs."

Overcome Boredom when Exercising by The Fitness Doc - Posted Aug 10, 2011 - "Although it is quite often a solitary activity, time spent exercising or in the gym need not be boring."

Advice for Starting to Exercise Again by The Fitness Doc - Posted July 29, 2011 - "If you are in the habit of not going to the gym, getting started again can seem difficult. This is particularly true for anyone who has not been to the gym or exercised regularly in over a year."

How to Overcome a Strength Training Plateau by The Fitness Doc - Posted July 29, 2011 - "Once someone gets back in the habit of working out regularly, the number one problem they come to me about is hitting a plateau."

Physical Fitness Advice Books

The Book of Muscle (Men's Health)

This book is the first to combine the science of muscle building with the art of muscles themselves. In this book, you will find: Three total body muscle building programs, one each for beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers, a total of 18 months worth of workouts; Complete descriptions of more than 100 exercises; The most detailed and innovative exercise photography ever contained in a workout book. It's big muscle, big benefit, and beautiful all at the same time. It's the book you have always wanted from the guys at Men's Health, the fitness experts you trust.

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Fitness for Dummies

Cut through the fitness myths and get more from your workout. This is your essential get-fit guide, covering state-of-the-art fitness techniques, equipment, programs, and health clubs in a practical, friendly way. With expert guidance in proper nutrition and staying active for all ages, it's your key to a slim, trim new you!

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The Abs Diet Get Fit Stay Fit Plan

Tens of thousands of Americans have changed their bodies - and their lives - with the help of The Abs Diet, the New York Times bestseller from David Zinczenko, editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine. Now, to meet the demand for more information about exercise, Zinczenko and coauthor Ted Spiker present readers with dozens of workouts and hundreds of exercises that they can do any time and any place for fabulous body-altering results.

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Answering Your Physical Fitness Questions

To help you get get back in shape, stay in shape or blow people away with your breathtaking beach body, we have hired a staff of professional physical fitness writers. We are constantly publishing new, original, exclusive content on this website to answer your fitness questions. If you have not found the answers to all of your fitness questions in this section yet, please use the Physical Fitness section of our forums. More specifically, you can use this thread to suggest topics for new physical fitness advice articles.

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