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Exercise, like many other things in life, is very habit forming, and can be addictive. Many people who regularly go to the gym claim that their lives feel incomplete if they miss more than a couple of training sessions in succession. Unfortunately though, the opposite is true. If you are in the habit of not going to the gym, getting started again can seem difficult. This is particularly true for anyone who has not been to the gym or exercised regularly in over a year.

That said, while it might seem daunting, getting back into the habit of regular exercise is not actually very difficult. Following some of the steps below will make your return to healthy living that much easier.

Exercise at regular times

It is much easier to build a gym habit if you exercise regularly. Scheduling a set time on your chosen days will make it more difficult to avoid going to the gym because, as you may otherwise tell yourself, "you just don't have the time."

Exercise regularly

The benefits of going to the gym are best realized by going to the gym regularly, instead of just having one big training session per week.

Working out Again

Exercise in the morning

Most of us lead busy lives, both personally and at work, and it is often easy to allow these distractions to use up what should have been your exercise time. Going to the gym in the mornings gets the exercise out of the way first thing, and is known to prepare both your mind and body for a productive day.

Choose a convenient gym

If the gym you go to is out of your way, and difficult to get to, you will find excuses to not visit. A local gym however, or one on your way to work, will be easy to get to, and so not seem like that much of an effort.

Financially commit

There is nothing like spending money to focus most people's attention. Many gyms allow you not just to join for a year, but to also pay the full annual subscription in one lump sum. Besides benefiting from the discounts you usually get with this, paying upfront means that you have a vested financial interest in using the gym. Not going would literally be pouring money down the drain.

Get an exercise partner

Committing to regular exercise can also be made easier by finding a training buddy with a schedule similar to yours. Missing a gym session is more difficult if this also means letting a partner down. At the same time, you can both encourage, cajole and spur each other on days when you are feeling lazy, and might otherwise have skipped the gym.

In short, anyone can get back into the habit of regular exercise. Keep your exercise plan and eliminate inconveniences that might deter you.

Do you have any more questions about starting to work out again? Or do you have any of your own tips about exercising after a long time of not exercising? Please post your questions and comments in the Physical Fitness section of our forums!

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