How to Overcome a Strength Training Plateau

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Once someone gets back in the habit of working out regularly, the number one problem they come to me about is hitting a plateau. At first, people see a lot of improvement even if they are not working out that hard and miss some workouts. But even the people working hard and regularly eventually hit a plateau particularly in the area of heavy lifting and strength training. Here are some tips to overcome such a plateau.

Increasing the Intensity of Training

Instead of working longer, work harder. This is one of the simplest strategies to break out of strength training plateaus. At this point, you should make an attempt to workout with high weight and low reps instead of doing the opposite which generally people do and get themselves into a lot of trouble. Prolusion activity is a must for 5 - 10 minutes before doing lifting workouts. Do the workouts in a slow and strength full manner to obtain best results of the workout. Picking the weights faster and in huge numbers won't help your cause and hence always take care of the strategy you follow. You need to take care that you don't get attracted by the number, instead of quantity of workouts. Believe in quality workouts!

Strength Training Plateau

Changing the Order of your Exercise

The second easiest method to break out of a plateau is by changing the order of the sequence. After following a schedule for a few months change the order in which you do your workout. It would help you a lot in overcoming strength training plateaus. When you plan your workout in a different manner, the muscles of your body get a unique workout and get tired in a different manner--thus helping to break out of the plateaus along with maintaining strength. When you do the same workouts in a regular manner your body gets used to these exercises and hence after some time the results or the net output gets reduced significantly.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet Schedule

The most important thing in breaking plateaus is eating well and that too according to a pre-defined plan. The diet chart should be made in a manner that it helps you recover from your workouts. Eating properly will assist in building your muscularity. Take a high protein diet along with proper carbohydrates. Find out about the proper dieting schedules through the internet or through various other sources, but keep in mind, following the right schedule is very important. Along with the diet taking proper diet sleep schedules is very important. Keep track of your diet and sleep and you could remain healthy for a pretty long period.

Do you have any more questions about overcoming a strength training plateau? Or do you have any of your own tips on beating a plateau at the gym? Please post your questions and comments in the Physical Fitness section of our forums!

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