Tips For Building Muscle Mass And Losing Fat

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General perception regarding muscle building and fat loss is that both canít go hand in hand. There are chances that your gym instructor and his 'yes man' followers will tell you same thing, with proofs and logics. In reality, both goals can be pursued simultaneously, but there will be some hiccups along the way.

  • First and foremost, when one pursues these two seemingly opposite goals, together, the emerging results appear rather sluggish. Thatís when people lose hope and switch to either of the goals.
  • Second challenge is striking the balance between a number of factors like diet, exercise duration, intensity and rest patterns. That is not all; in diet you have to make the perfect balance, through trial and error, of protein, carbohydrates and fat ratio; while in exercise, you have to strike same balance between weight training and cardio exercises. Likewise, you have to make sure not to sleep too long that you start pulling fat again, while pursuing fat loss and muscle gain.
  • Supplements for fat loss and muscle building

    fat loss and muscle building advice

    Supplements are the wonder foods; if you are facing troubles in preparing meals with exact proportion of nutrients, then, simply, go for meal replacement supplements. Moreover, use protein like whey and casein, ideal for adding lean mass and shed extra fat. These protein shakes work too well, so make sure to add a carbohydrate source like banana, strawberry, etc. with each shake. Steer clear of weight gainers, at least for the time when you are after dual objectives.

    Cardio exercises

    You can either dedicate days to cardio exercises, which tend to be a must for most people trying to lose weight, or you can do the routine after or before your weight training workout. I prefer it before, as after the workout you have to take the post workout meal or shake.

    Split routines

    Instead of going to gym every day and making the whole process boring for you, try alternate schedule. If you are going on Monday, then take a day off on Tuesday and go again on Wednesday, and so on. This program ensures ample rest for your body, thus adding muscle mass and with the amalgamation of cardio you get solid mass not fat.

    Do you have any more questions about building muscle while losing fat? Or do you have any of your own tips for building muscle mass and losing fat? Please post your questions and comments in the Physical Fitness section of our forums!

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