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On this page I will first explain what is physical fitness and then discuss what physical fitness has to do with Warriorism and why being physically fit is important for a Warrior. Please feel free to jump down to the part about what physical fitness has to with Warriorism if you already understand what physical fitness is.

What is Physical Fitness

The term, physical fitness, refers to the ability of the body to healthily do manual labor and other physical tasks well. People gain physical fitness through regular exercise and proper diet and nutrition.

Types of Physical Fitness

The three most common types of physical fitness are strength, flexibility, and endurance. A person who is strong, flexible, and enduring is a very physically fit person.

However, physical fitness also includes the following sub-categories: agility, balance body composition, coordination, speed. Also, one should note that there is a difference between muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance.

Physical Fitness – Strength

As a type of physical fitness, muscular strength refers to the ability of the body's muscles to lift and move heavy objects, including the body itself. To exercise and gain strength, people can lift weights as well as do body-weight exercises such as pushups and pull-ups. Common weighted exercises include bench presses, squats, and barbell curls, which train the chest, legs, and biceps respectively.

Physical Fitness – Flexibility

As a type of physical fitness, flexibility refers to how far one can stretch their muscles and the range of motion of joints. People train to become more flexible by stretching as far as the can and holding it. Additionally, people can practice particular routines. For example, many people do Yoga to become more flexible.

Physical Fitness – Endurance

As a type of physical fitness, cardiovascular endurance refers to how long a person can exercise or otherwise stay active before failing. People can train their endurance by running, swimming, cycling, etc. for long distances.

Physical Fitness and Warriorism

In the modern world we need not literally go to war with invading tribes or battle a boar to feed our family. But physical fitness is still extremely important to the modern Warrior.

Physical fitness gives us longevity. We need to be physical fit and healthy so we can continue to provide for our family. Exercising and being healthy when young can mean more precious time for us when we are on the fuzzy border between unwanted early retirement and post-retirement productivity. Sorry to be morbid, but do you want to be the dead grandparent who lived unhealthily or the grandparent who even after retirement is still fit enough to happily baby-sit, help out with yard work or gardening and for instance finish a basement increasing both the current usefulness and future resell value of the family home?

Physical fitness protects our day-to-day store of motivation by alleviating the strain of simple chores and daily tasks. After a long day of household chores have you ever complained that your legs or back are sore? Maybe after doing the dishes you get exhausted and plop down in front of the TV. Sure you do not need to be the fittest or strongest person in the world to drop a package at the post office, vacuum the living room or do a good job helping your daughter with her homework. But being physically fit will mean the strain from all these chores will be less and thus require less psychological determination to overcome and do the chores well. Sure after a long day of chores you probably physically can do the dishes even if you are not in great shape. But will you want to? Will you make yourself? It will be easier to mentally overcome the urge of laziness and procrastination if being physically fit made each of all those other chores even slightly easier and slightly less exhausting.

Physical fitness gives us the physical strength, endurance and flexibility to be a literal Warrior when needed. Yes, being a Warrior in terms of Warriorism doesn't mean going out and shooting people, punching them and literally waging war. In our modern civilized society, Warriorism uses the word Warrior more metaphorically. However, in certain rare but important instances you may need the classic skills of a literal warrior. I hope it never happens to you and I wish it never happened at all, but imagine if you, I or someone we loved was attacked by a violent criminal or stuck in some sort of social chaos in the style of your favorite post-apocalyptic movie. Being physically fit might mean the difference between overpowering or outrunning a would-be assailant. It could mean the difference between surviving the cliché 1-in-a-billion plane crash on a desert island or not. Yes this kind of scenario is not to be expected, but as the popular Latin expression Semper Paratus means, always be prepared. Or as in this case we could say be prepared even for some rare and unlikely situations by being physically fit.

Becoming physically fit helps one become mentally healthy. In fact, this is true in more ways than one. The act of exercising and working out helps one develop mental self-control, concentration and determination, such as in the case of when part of you wants to give up on the treadmill but you are able to mentally overcome the urge to quit. In another way, medical experts have explained that exercising releases chemicals such as endorphins that make one happier. That in addition to improved body image and self-esteem has many psychological benefits from treating depression to improving ones libido and sex life. Indeed, it seems exercising and becoming physically fit helps a Warrior be a Warrior not only directly in the ways mentioned above but also indirectly in every other aspect of being a Warriorism because of the mental effects of exercise and self-esteem.

I hope the above article has explained both what physical fitness is and why physical fitness is important to Warriorism. Now I recommend you check out the frequently updated Physical Fitness Advice Section of this website. Also if you have any questions or comments about this page or about physical fitness, please use the Physical Fitness Category of our forums.

The above article was written by Scott Hughes. It was originally posted in 2006 but was greatly updated in July of 2011.

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