Walk Like A Warrior

by Scott Hughes

We live in a tough world. If you look around, you see needless violence, destruction, poverty, hungry children, and spreading diseases. You see rapists and murders. If you listen, you hear about bombs and terrorists.

The toughest among us need to do what they can to protect everyone else, while working to make the world a better place. Families need someone to work and bring home a paycheck to pay the bills, and to secure food and shelter. Similarly, entire communities and nations need leaders and strong individuals to lead and take care of the society.

I assume you see yourself as one of those people. So do I.

Our society depends on people like you and me. Because of that, we cannot let this tough world get us down. We have to stand tall, and remain strong and confident. We have to walk like warriors. You have to walk like a warrior. And, I have to walk like a warrior.

When we give the appearance of strength and respectability, than we will respect ourselves and others will respect us. In contrast, if we let the obstacles and problems in the world get us down, then we will falter and then we will fail.

Of course, I mean it metaphorically when I say, walk like a warrior. Nonetheless, it includes its literal interpretation as well. We need to have a strong, confident and brave walks. A warrior's walk displays focus, determination and preparation. A warrior's walk tells people that you want him or her as a friend, and you definitely don't want him or her as a foe.

We need to stand up straight and hold our heads up high. We need to stay focused on our work, and keep it productive and constructive. We need to speak clearly and assertively. All of our gestures and body language must tell others that we mean business. It must tell others that we have vowed against laziness and weakness in ourselves. It must tell others that we will do what ever it takes to take care of ourselves, our families, our communities, and the people who depend on us.

You cannot get hired as Warrior. You cannot apply for Warriorism. You take it. You choose it. And, you start by walking like a warrior.

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