What will you regret later?

by Scott Hughes | added June 3, 2007

Our minds have a lot of power. With our minds, we make countless decisions each by weighing innumerable factors of various importance. It amazes me, and I bet it amazes you.

As you know though, technical scientists have made powerful computers; they can calculate the square root of any number in an instant. Yet, the scientists and mechanics cannot even come close to making a computer that could even come close to doing what our minds do all the time.

Despite the great minds that we have, sometimes we as people have psychological faults and we make mistakes. We see this manifest most in regret. As people grow older, they build more and more regret. For example, we often see this result in mid-life crises, for people who build up so much regret by their middle-age that they cannot handle it. Similarly, people often feel depressed in their older ages as they feel more and more overwhelmed with missed opportunity and regret. That continues until people lay on their deathbed and just regret things.

These regretful decisions could have easily gone the other way, had the person simply used a tad more foresight.

You don't want to have any more regrets. So, don't.

To avoid regret, use foresight and ask yourself, what will you regret later?

  • Will you wish you read more?
  • Will you wish you loved more?
  • Will you wish you got out and lived more?
  • Will you wish you spent your money wiser?
  • Will you wish you spent more time with your kids?
  • Will you regret smoking, drinking, or doing drugs?

What do you do now that you will regret later? Stop doing it!

What will you wish you did? Do it!

You cannot change the past. You can learn from the past, but you still cannot change it. However, you can change the future. You control whether or not you will have more regrets later in your life. Warriors use foresight to avoid making mistakes. Whether you consider yourself a Warrior or not, use foresight to live well and avoid regret.

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